Can you find this one plant I've always been looking for?


You can always ask, and I will do what I can.  The whole reason for me doing this business is to keep an honest and sustainable pipeline open from Colombia to the US.  But, I will be frank about the odds.  There are some things you can do to help tip the odds though.  In particular, send me photos, give me information about the original collection of the plant, if you know of a person with the plant in South America, it may be someone I can approach.  And I think it is important for everyone to understand that I do not consider anyone my competitor.  I don't pay my rent doing this - in fact usually I post a loss on my IRS filings.  This is about getting people plants they want to care for in their collections.

Can you notify me when the next deadline is?


I was hoping to set up a customer profile where you could login securely and set up all of your shipping/billing info, and opt-in to a mailing list.  That has turned out to be the Achilles' heel of Joomla, as anything that can provide that function also provides fifty other obstacles that I have not yet scaled.  So for now, there is no notification list, but I am working on making this an option.

Is Colombia safe?


I feel much safer in any Colombian city than I do in Quito.  If we ever meet face to face, I'll tell you why.  If you are avoiding Colombia as a travel destination because of 1980s beliefs about the country, you are only depriving yourself.  I'd rather spend the rest of my life in Colombia than ever set foot in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Balkans ... there are many far more dangerous places Americans consider vacation-worthy.

Do you ship outside of the US?


I only have permits for import, not export.  However, my suppliers do ship anywhere in the world that can take orchid shipments, so if you are outside of the US and interested in doing a large order, I can get you in contact with my suppliers.  Note you will have to become familiar with whatever importation laws your country requires, including acquiring whatever permits your country needs.

Do you import from other countries?


I import on rare occasion from Peru and Central America, but the main Peruvian vendor is now sufficiently active in the US orchid show circuit that it isn't necessary, and importations from Central America are not easy to organize.  I don't know anything about orchids outside of the new world, so I'm not the person to be organizing orders from other continents.

Can you ship my Hawk Hill shipment with the plants I order from Colombia?


Certainly.  It just means that, while your Hawk Hill plants are typically ready right this minute, you will have to wait for them until the Colombian plants arrive.

Which do you prefer for payment, check or PayPal?


This may be a surprise, but I prefer PayPal.  Yes, PayPal charges me fees.  Any credit card service would too.  It's the cost of doing business and it does not bother me.  What PayPal provides me, though, is one-click shipping to your address, and financial record keeping that I can easily access.  All of these are well worth the fees they charge me.  I'm happy to accept checks or money orders if that is easier for you, but my preference is strongly PayPal.

Do you have any culture advice for ...?


I only grow Draculas and Masdevallias, so I have plenty of advice (not necessarily good!) for those plants.  Other than those, I am hopeless/helpless.

Do you ever have any plants left over from the order that weren't claimed?


Rarely, especially since I require payment in advance nowadays.  I only import exactly what is requested by customers.

Do you ever sell at shows?


No.  My experience as the marketing face of Hawk Hill Orchids has taught me that there is no upside to doing shows nowadays.  If I was selling my own plants with no overhead, it would be a different story.  But this particular business here is 90% overhead (believe or not!).

Will you bring plants to a society meeting?


No, see above and multiply by 2.  However, if your society wants to do a group pre-order, then I am happy to work with you on that.  But I won't bring unclaimed stock on the hope it will find suitors.