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By e-mail:

I am happy to answer any questions about ordering, plants, etc. via e-mail at:


I am not able to take orders or conduct business over the phone.  There are too many opportunities for misunderstanding via phone.  E-mail allows me to have a conversation trail so I do not forget the details of your requests.


A little about me...

I have been growing plants since I was 10 or 11. Originally I grew anything and everything outdoors in my parents' yard in Michigan, and quickly developed an interest in North American native orchids. After being seduced by cypripedium, I began to explore exotic orchids. Photos of Masdevallia vietchiana and Dracula chimaera inspired me to start collecting orchids in earnest. I currently live in San Francisco, CA, and have my private collection in Pacifica, CA, where I cultivate mostly draculas and masdevallias.

I am a USDA/APHIS licensed importer of CITES protected material.  My Ph.D. is in neuroscience, and by day I work in the pharmaceutical world, where I study how oncology drugs are being used in U.S. cancer care.

I usually spend several months per year in Colombia and Ecuador (day job permitting) to study my beloved draculas in situ.  I hope to have a finca of my own in Colombia someday.  

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