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August 19, 2019 - "New" Website


You might have noticed the website is <slightly> different.  Actually it's very different in that I had to abandon the old platform (Joomla) and rebuild the site from scratch in Wix.  Joomla broke on the back end and since it is open-source, I had to depend on the kindness of strangers to find out what broke and how to fix it.  That didn't work so well.


Turns out Wix has come a LONG way since I last tried it and I'm very impressed with the breadth and flexibility of functions available.  It took me less than a day to make this new website, which looks pretty much the same as the old website and will allow me much quicker updates and better stability.

You might also notice a scant few things have been pulled out of the catalog.  I did an analysis of the species that never seem to show up when ordered and removed them from the catalog so we don't waste time and energy on something that isn't going to happen.

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