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How to Order

First, review the Terms and Conditions page for instructions and discounts. Submission of an order affirms your agreement to the terms and conditions specified on the terms and conditions page.

Then, compile your list of plants from the species available in the catalog.

Email your list and any special shipping instructions to:

If you want to pay by debit or credit card:

I will e-mail you an invoice around the time of the order deadline with a link that will allow you to pay via debit, credit, or PayPal. Shipping charges will be included in the invoice (see below for how they are determined). Payment must be received before the plants are ordered.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to use the link in the invoice - PayPal is just the payment processor I use.  The link works like any other on-line credit/debit payment system.


If you want to pay by check or money order:

Send check or money order to:

Gary Meyer, 1919 41st Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116

If you choose this route, be sure to send me a check or money order that arrives no more than one week after the order deadline.

Please keep in mind that it takes 2-4 months, and on rare occasions longer, for the plants to arrive in the U.S.


After I have received your payment and the order deadline has past, you have purchased the plants whether you change your mind down the road or not. Situations under which your payments are refundable are detailed on the terms and conditions page, but are essentially limited to the plants failing to arrive in the next shipment.

Also note that special request plants that do not appear in the catalog will most likely not be charged at the time of the deadline, as I rarely know how much they would cost in advance of knowing their availability. So you can make as many special requests as you like, and they will not be billed until later, when/if they arrive.

... and remember your plants are coming bare root and will want your swift attention. My cultural environment is limited and any unclaimed stock will be offered to other growers if you don't take delivery on the plants when they arrive. I'm happy to make arrangements to hold and take care of plants for a limited time if you are experiencing severe weather, or will be on vacation or indisposed at the time they clear customs and are ready to be shipped to you. 


At this time, I can only ship to the United States of America, excluding Hawaii.

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