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Speaking Engagements


I am always happy to come to your society and give a talk.  My standard introductory talk is called "Dracuphilia: A Gothic Romance".  It focuses on Draculas, including the history of the genus, geographical distribution, habitat, and research.  But most of the talk is really about my travels in South America and my observations about how human interest in orchids impacts their future in the wild - both good and bad impacts.  Thus while I realize many people are not situated to attempt growing draculas, this talk is much more broadly informative than the title might sound.

I also have what I call my "Halloween" talk (since I am usually asked by at least one group per year to talk about draculas around Halloween").  It is called "Gods and Monsters", and it is nothing like a typical orchid talk.  I go through the mythological stories behind the monstrous species names in the genus dracula.  It's more like an adult story-time hour.

I am also happy to work up something new if you have a topic of interest that I can speak to.  

I do charge a speaker's fee and I do not bring plants for sale because it is really impossible to know exactly when the orchids I import will land in the US.  Trying to bring plants is unfortunately an unsurmountable logistical complication.

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